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Kitchen Automatic UP/Down Cabint

The motorized shelf can move a hard-to-reach shelf at the top of the kitchen to an easily accessible position.

1)Easy operation
Automatically raise and lower storage space at the touch of a button. The kitchen remains neat and clean. Because tableware and utensils can be found and put away smoothly, the cooking flow is not interrupted.

2) Safety features
Equipped with a “safety sensor” that automatically stops operation when a load is applied.
Obstacle detection provides safe use.

3)Variety of options The deluxe models offer a lineup of four rack types: accessory storage,draining shelves, tableware dryer, anti-bacterial dryer. Select the one that meets your needs.

4)Reliable quality
We offer the peace of mind that comes from products manufactured in Japan and from years of experience in the Japanese market.
220/240 V compatibility ensures safe operation in any country.

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Application Examples
Thumb 01

Tableware deying cabinet

Dries washed tableware with warm air. Tableware can be simply stored inside.

Thumb 02

Accessory storage cabinet

Neatly store your accessories. (The full width of the more than 120 cm opening can be used as a counter.)

Thumb 03

Draining storage cabinet

The upper shelf can be used as storage space, and the lower shelf can be used to temporarily hold tableware when cooking or for draining.

Thumb 04

Anti-bacterial dying cabinet

Sterilizes dishtowels and cutting boards by drying with hot air.

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