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TK Damper

Utilizing the viscosity resistance or pressure of oil, these dampers soften the impact and control the movement of products to provide comfort and safety to their users.They are widely used as slow-downs or smooth opening/closing mechanisms for such items as covers or lids.

1)Rotaly Damper
Equipped with a rotating shaft, the rotating movement is slowed by the viscosity resistance of the oil.

Mainly used to slow down toilet seats or various covers and lids.

2)shock absorbers
The role of the soft absorber is to prevent impacts.

The low-cost TK soft absorbers, constructed of resin, have been adopted for the shock absorption of furniture and doors and as slow-downs attached at the bases of rotary shafts.

3)High quality and Low price
High quality and low prices are achieved along with the peace of mind that these products are manufactured in Japan through a fully automated production process.

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Application Examples
Thumb 01

Door handel

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Thumb 03

Car interior

Thumb 04

Door closer for hinged door

Thumb 05

Soft closer for drawer

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